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We support you in determining the best AI strategy to facilitate the construction of the link between Data and your Business.

Data visualisation, the art of showing the data

The contours of the data being elusive essence, the data visualization is the ability to give a visual translation data. "When a picture is worth a thousand words, a data visualization worth a hundred pictures"

Graph Databases

Graph databases are on the rise. Used by social networks like Facebook and Twitter, they now democratize and other interested actors, other industries.

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We are very pleased to introduce BIRDLINK, innovative company in the field of data. We are composed of many data scientists with whom we will bring you to the heart of your information system with speed and simplicity outsized.

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Up to the 5th Element

The 5 Elements Keys of our Job

Data Architecture

Network, OnPremise, Virtulization, Cloud.
Big Data
Hadoop File System, Sharding, Replica, Clustered.

Data Storage

Hadoop File System, Key-value DB, Column Family DB, Document DB, Graph DB, Relationnal DB.

Data Integration

Industrialisation, Automation, Monitoring.
Batch, OnDemand, Real Time.

Data Intelligence

Analytics, Predictives, Machine Learning.

Data Visualization

With a visual analogy, the information is more digestible, more comprehensive and therefore more effective.


no long speeches, just images...

  • Large data pool in which no schema and data requirement is defined before querying data

    What's DATALAKE

  • We use the most appropriate databases to your environment.<br />We store the data and only the data.

    How's the DATA STORAGE

  • The data has its value once one applies a intelligence. The processes changing very fast and we follow the wave closely.


  • Essentially based on open but proprietary technologies, Our capacity in architecture, allows to realize our projects in an agile and integrated process.

    What Technologies

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  • Data scientists ...

    The TEAM

Uses Cases

Frédéric Pastore
Master Data Management

The world of master data is changing. Data architects and application developers are swapping their relational databases with graph databases to store their master data. This switch enables them to use a data store optimized to discover new insights in existing data, provide a 360-degree view of master data and answer questions about data relationships in real time.

Master Data Management
Cédric Fauvet
Network and IT operations

The size and complexity of your network and IT infrastructure requires a configuration management database (CMDB) more powerful than anything relational databases have to offer. Using a graph database like Neo4j, you discover new insights from existing data, including a 360-degree view of configuration data and real-time information on data relationships.

Network and IT operations
Cédric Fauvet
Fraud Detection

As fraudsters get more sophisticated, organizations are augmenting their fraud detection capabilities with Neo4j to uncover fraud rings and other sophisticated scams with precision and in real time. Whether it’s first-party bank fraud, money laundering, insurance fraud or e-commerce fraud, Neo4j helps you detect the key elements across different types of fraudulent activity.

Fraud Detection


Our Services & Proof of Work

CHF 7'500
Smart Project
  • Datalake in the box
  • Automation dataflow process
  • Part of data source only
  • Work after
  • more information
Proof of Graph
CHF 10'000
Smart Graph Project
  • Graph server on premise
  • Automation dataflow process
  • Part of data source only
  • Work after
  • more information


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